Welcome to the APRL!

Since 1997 we have worked to support low-power, license-free, and community radio in Austin, Texas.



Come see our booth at Maker Faire, October 18-19 at the Travis County Fairgrounds.


Come see our booth at Maker Faire, October 20-21 at the Travis County Fairgrounds.

About the APRL

The Austin Pirate Radio League have been involved in operating low-power, license-free FM broadcast stations in the Austin area for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible service and support to low-power and not-for-profit stations in our area. With over 50 current members, the league is constantly expanding to provide support for stations outside our immediate region.

Board Members

Pete Fennele - Chairman

Michael Hawk - Engineering

Chris Baker - Information Technology

Terry Burba - Software Development

Jordana Goldstein - Legal Services


If you are interested in contacting us about low-power, license-free broadcast FM, please email us at "aprl at ous.bz".


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